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Then I will proceed to give my advice or help to solve the problems.

Windows Internet Explorer contains Net Meeting, allowing to chat and to view a common application.

Many people might just think that this program is usually used to do video conferencing or chatting, however this will only work provided you have camera and microphone.

My main message is, Net Meeting is also a useful program that is suitable to be used to do technical support.

From a reverse perspective, you can also use this method to get the technical support from your friends.

Here are several advantages of using this program to do remote computer troubleshooting: - It supports all Microsoft Windows and installed by default on Windows XP and 2000.

I suggest to UN-CHECK the "Log on to a directory server" and to connect later via TCP/IP addresses.

Net Meeting needs to know the speed of the connection network to be determine, how often it can send updates to the participants of the meeting.

Note: Usually you can find the cable/DSL connection's Public IP from Ethernet or wireless router.

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