Mystery dating game

The moment you break up with her (or the moment she realizes you ghosted her), she does the only thing that brings power back to her: She never speaks to you again. Sure, she will go through an internal grieving process. Instead, she takes the high road, and — with supreme discipline and emotional intelligence — continues her life without you.She doesn't respond to your bullsh*t "I miss you texts." (You don't break up with someone if you're going to miss him or her.)She doesn't drunk text you, wanting to know answers. She then prepares herself to play the game with another contender who might be a better man for her.Someone you liked (or even loved) has decided he or she doesn't want to be in your life anymore.However, the girl with game knows there is a reason behind the "silence is golden" proverb.If you don't know by now that dating is a game, you are either in denial, or you're the world's most hopeless, romantic sap (with a lot to learn). The men who have “game" have their ways of playing, and the women who have “game" have their ways, too. She is who she is, so you can either take it or leave it. She doesn't flinch if she finds out your ex was a model or CEO.She doesn't expect you to control her happiness, just as she doesn't want to control your happiness.If you aren't interested in going to the ballet with her, she will go alone or with friends.

If she doesn't give herself sh*t, why would she take it from someone else? You won't be hearing from her on a Friday or Saturday night because she will be out, socializing and having fun with her squad.

The girl with game has mastered the hardest skill in the game of dating: how to handle it when a man breaks up with her or ghosts her.

Both situations are very hard, especially when you've unveiled and accepted the truth.

He is nothing more than an attractive male who asked for her number. She is wise enough to know you don't give your attention to any man who hasn't earned it yet. She might not text you every day or call you back right away, but if you ask her out (in advance), she will gladly accept.

The girl with game is elusive in character, especially in the early stages of dating.

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    There are couples that have mutual friends that they spend their time with often, though there are likely few people dating that are always with their friends.

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    Before I was dating someone, winter would be the time of year when I could take a break from shaving my legs.