My neighbours are intimidating

If ever at any point your neighbor makes you feel intimidated or directly threatens you or your property, or even refuses to discuss the situation with you in a calm manner, it is completely appropriate to get your local authorities involved.That’s part of what you pay your taxes for, folks — to have professionals on call to mitigate situations whether they be of the criminal or the civil kind. Despite your type of dwelling, your neighborhood, or your city, the neighbor lottery always ends up being more of Russian roulette.We learned this recently after making some exterior improvements to our home.Her work has been featured on Apartment Therapy, Offbeat Home, This Old House, HGTV, The Home Depot Blog, and Hometalk.Her writings about all other manner of subjects have been featured on Blog Her and Bon Bon Break, as well as numerous other blogs and websites.

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In our situation, our neighbor believes we should put lower wattage bulbs in our lighting.It’s also helpful to know your rights as they apply to your property and your local zoning codes and ordinances to help alleviate any further discrepancies between yourself and your neighbors, and your police department can help clarify those for you.Part of our concern was for the safety of our children as we take them to and from the car — we had to park pretty far up the block due to bus stops and fire hydrants — and since our son has special needs, it’s quite a daunting task for both of us to handle, never mind just one of us as it will be once school starts again.All of this to say being the bigger person and taking the higher road in neighbor disputes will help quell any future problems regarding an issue, and will hopefully return both of your homes to a peaceful and happy state.Tabatha is a passionate self-taught DIYer and blogger residing in Dayton, Ohio.

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