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In one way I’d like to know what’s going on so that I can finally stop wondering and guessing, but in another way, I’m scared to have this conversation because she’ll likely say something I won’t like hearing. ——————————— [My 1st reply] Hi Waiting, Thanks for taking the time to write. It sounds like your friend enjoys your friendship, but might be trying to set boundaries with you by controlling when you two talk.

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We definitely like each other, but his ex came back into the picture.Reflect back what you heard by saying “Am I hearing you say xyz? However, when I phone her I almost ALWAYS get her answering machine, and I often don’t hear from her for a long time after (sometimes up to a month).When she does call me, she can almost always reach me.I am guessing you have other friends with whom you talk on occasion and it doesn’t bother you like it does with her. when she has the time and inclination, which seems to me like she does consider you a close friend but is probably not considering romance.Deciding when and how often you two talk may be her subtle way to communicate this.

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