Msn online dating bot

Check this out.” 70% of men who unexpectedly receive a link sent by a bot posing as an attractive woman, will click it.That’s what Perimeter X observed when we researched top dating sites.

Newer, more sophisticated bots are much more elusive and can be directed to vary their behavior, making them difficult or impossible to detect using signature-based security tools.

It appears inevitable that online dating and bots would intersect in a big way – and no doubt cybercriminals are delighted that the target of the scam is operating on emotion and expects to spend money. Hackers place bots on dating sites to coax personal and financial data from consumers, and sometimes defraud them.

Another motive is simply to divert traffic that the dating site has worked hard to attract.

Newer, advanced bots can vary their behavior to be more convincing companions.

Men who are misled by these bots may be convinced to enter their credit card data on a site they wouldn’t ordinarily visit, or a phony “profile verification” service, and then be too embarrassed to report that they were tricked into accepting a porn site subscription.

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