Ms access disable screen updating

Because Project tells him that the change would change work entered by a team member.

When the task and assignment are viewed in Project Professional, the task ends on the second day and the assignment ends on the first day.

In this situation, the work contour is lost and the opened assignment has a single work segment of 8h.

In a related scenario, if you open an XML file, Project 2013 may crash and becomes unresponsive.

When you look at the size of the XML file, you'll also notice that it is hundreds of megabytes in size.

Note To fix this issue, you also have to set the value of registry key Xml Disable Timephased Split By Day to 1. Project exports these pieces of information but does not read them when you open or merge an XML file.

Tested on following systems: Tests run on Intel Core 2 DUO 2 Ghz; with 2GB RAM; in UK over Wireless LAN and VPN; Using Vista Ultimate; Star Office 8 PU10Also on Intel Core 2 DUO 1.8 Ghz; with 2GB RAM; in Brazil over Wireless LAN and VPN; Using Vista Home; Star Office 8 PU10Similar results on both systems.Therefore, you can't, for example, add or change view names within an XML file, and have Project read and understood the information.Note If you do not want your XML files to have this new information, you can set the following registry key: In this situation, the task's actual start date still reflects the set with the earlier update instead of the new update where the actual start date is later.The expectation is that the task ends at the same time as the assignment.In this scenario, the assignment's work remains on the same dates, and the task's finish date remains the same.

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