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In the mid-1870s a wide variety of Western experts, including military strategists, railroad engineers, architects, philosophers, and artists, were invited to teach in Japanese universities or to in some other way assist in Japan’s process of growth and change.

Also during this time Japan was directly involved in two international conflicts: a war with China (1894–95) and a war with Russia (1904–05).

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His Turn Next, was used to advertise Pears' Soap and is in the Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight.W.• Alma-Tadema• Weeks, Edwin Lord• Velazquez, Diego• Turner, J. William• Tissot, James• Sisley, Alfred• Rossetti, D. M.• Modigliani, Amedeo• Manet, Edouard• Kahlo, Frida• Ingres, J. His father was a successful genre artist sometimes known as 'Jury Morgan' (after one of his paintings The Gentlemen of the Jury).Over this period he painted some of his most popular works such as The Doll’s Tea Party (1874), Emigrants' Departure (1875) and School Belles (1877).Most of his painting was done in the village of Shere close to Guildford, a well-known retreat for artists.

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