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There, the cargo, troops and vehicles are loaded aboard landing craft for transit to the beach.Air cushion landing craft can "fly" out of the dry well deck; or the well deck can be ballasted down for conventional craft to float out on their way to the assault area.During the deployment, four more Harriers and two SH-3 Sea King helicopters joined the air group, while several of the CH-46 and CH-53E helicopters left to make room for them.During the early-2000 Mediteranean deployment on LHD 1 Wasp, the Aviation Combat Element (ACE) for the 24th MEU(SOC) was Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 263 (HMM-263 Reinforced).To carry out its primary mission, USS WASP has an assault support system that synchronizes the simultaneous horizontal and vertical flow of troops, cargo and vehicles throughout the ship.

This unit included 12 CH-46E Sea Knight medium lift helicopters, four CH-53E Super Stallion heavy lift helicopters, four AH-1W Super Cobra gunships, and three UH-1N utility helicopters, but it did not include the complement of six AV-8B Harrier attack jets carried on other deployments.

They transport and land ashore not only troops, but also the tanks, trucks, jeeps, other vehicles, artillery, ammunition and various supplies necessary to support the amphibious assault mission.

Monorail trains, moving at speeds up to 600 feet per minute, transport cargo and supplies from storage and staging areas throughout the ship to a 13,600 square foot well deck which opens to the sea through huge gates in the ship's stern.

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The Wasp-class are the largest amphibious ships in the world.

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