Minissha lamba dating

The actress who was last seen on screen in Zilla Ghaziabad lasty year, met Ryan through common friends and sparks flew during the first meeting itself.The two exchanged phone numbers and Minissha soon started visiting Ryan’s nightclub frequently.He is a good, fun guy and I have no grudge against him even though there were times we did not get along with each other," she said.All I will say is that we are not together and it was a mutual decision.Now, her parents also know about him and have no objections to the match.Neither does his family who has consented to his choice.Some heroines are more famous for their raunchy photo-shoots and Minissha Lamba is one among them.

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She felt the same way about him but had been too shy to express her feelings.” From what we hear both sets of families are happy about this relationship too and they may just walk down the aisle soon!Friends saw them dancing closely on several occasions and soon started teasing her about him.But to their disappointment there were no confirmations forthcoming.“When Yana and I were going around I never denied it!“I am not crazy to start smooching someone in front of so many people — that too someone I don"t know!

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