Mila j and marques houston dating

In June of 2018, he became the butt of the Internet memes and jokes after being photographed with a paint-job for a hairline.According to the barbers specializing in the "pain job," the complete hair makeover could have cost Marques as high as .Additionally, Marques too was rumored to have dated Jay-z's wife, Beyonce back in the day, but the rapper came forth addressing the matter in an interview, where he cleared that he was just a good friend with Beyonce.Less than a year after his ex-girlfriend Marlena flaunted her new boyfriend, it was Marques' turn to show off his boo.Marques is a founding member of the R&B group IMx and perhaps is best known for his role as 'Roger Evans' in the 90's television comedy series 'Sister, Sister.' The influence of IMx as an R&B act is pretty evident and recognized by all.Many might not know, but R&B crooner Ty Dolla Sign used to be a member of the legendary R&B group, who were previously .Houston has worked with several notable artists over the course of his career including Joe Budden, R.

But unfortunately, they broke up the following year in 2008 without disclosing the cause.

Have you ever concerned what happened to the love life of Marques with a longtime girlfriend, Marlena Campbell?

After that neither of them gushed about their relationship nor did they make any public appearances together.

However, amidst no news of their relationship falling apart or still going on smooth, Marques' girlfriend Marlena threw a bummer, as she introduced her fans to her new boyfriend.

Back in October 2017, Marlena posted a picture, with a guy named Jared Overton and called him her boyfriend.

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