Mexico dating tour

Full payment and all tour-associated documents must be in our possession 90 days prior to tour in order to qualify for this discount.Past Tour Client Discount: If you have attended a previous Singles Tour, you qualify for this discount.Tourism is crucial to the economy and Mexico knows how to treat Americans. Guadalajara is a mix of modern and traditional Mexico.

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You will receive 0 off your subsequent (second, third, etc.) Ukrainian tour, and 0 off your subsequent (second, third, etc.) Asian or Latin tour.Friend referral discounts apply when your referred friends are new clients only.If you would like to reserve your place on a Singles tour or at a Singles event, please complete the order form listed above.To receive up-to-date information regarding upcoming tours and remain on our mailing list, it is recommended that you participate in one of our programs. The form greatly helps you to provide information for the Staff/Matchmakers who will be assisting you in arranging introductions. Matchmakers will use this information to assist you in arranging ideal matches.

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