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In the early 2000s the government pass legislation encouraging the development of the country's film industry.Colombia hosts the Cartagena Film Festival, the oldest film festival in Latin America.Colombian Baroque art mostly borrows from Spanish Baroque art, and so on.

Airports24,725 km (18,300 km navigable; the most important waterway, the River Magdalena, of which 1,488 km is navigable, is dredged regularly to ensure safe passage of cargo vessels and container barges) (2012) Humans have lived in Colombia for at least 11,000 years, and Colombia was a major channel for human migration to the rest of the continent.

) longform poetry from the country's different indigenous groups.

Colombian authors produced works of prose and poetry through the colonial era onward.

The communist party has been guaranteed electoral seats through 2026 as part of the peace agreement that ended their military actions.

In recent years Colombia (much like South Korea since the 1990s) has undergone major dedicated efforts to export their pop culture around the globe.

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