Mexican dating traditions culture

It’s very awkward to decide who should pay on the first date or first meeting, so who take the action first would pay the bill. Take your phone with you anywhere, even in the bathroom!South Korean couple never split the bill, but they never put the burden on the men’s shoulders. When you start dating someone, get ready to be more attached to your phone!It can refer to a certain personality such as easy going, open minded, introvert, shy, etc.Or it can also refer to physical appearance such as height, skin color, long or short hair, long legs, even beautiful hand.Say good morning after you wake up, and say take care thirty minutes later when (s)he will set off somewhere.Half an hour later you will get a reply saying that you partner safely arrived. After a long date the whole day, you still have to say good night and thank you for the day.Your friend will set up a meeting for you Matchmaking is crazily popular in Asian countries, indifferently South Korea.

” Somehow ideal type is something everyone in South Korea should have.

Holding hands and a light peck on the cheek is okay, but anything beyond is considered crossing the (invisible) line.

Not that South Korean are conservative, but rules are rules, right? Dating doesn’t always end up with marriage It’s okay for you to date someone that you don’t have plans to marry.

Anniversaries and holidays are important This is something you can only find in South Korea.

If couple from other country normally celebrate their anniversary once a year, in South Korea you may celebrate the special day multiple times a year!

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