Methods of accommodating diversity

Formal cooperative learning strategies and simple peer support structures provide a potential means of accommodating diversity in ability through use of collaboration principles like group interdependence.

The effectiveness of various peer tutoring and peer support strategies for students with comorbid learning and behavior problems has been well documented.

We often follow different stereotypes which may prevent us from hiring a smart person with excellent skills and experience.

And it is possible to sell goods or services anywhere in the world or hire a person from another continent to work for you without them every walking into your office.

Some employees will be interested in an accelerated career path while others will place more of a focus on work-life balance.

Don’t treat this desire as a lack of intensity, commitment or ambition.

But, there are areas which don’t showcase the society we live and work in.

Among such cases is workforce diversity, a business issue experienced by many companies, even the most advanced and developed ones.

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