Meta dll updating plugins

This way we are just blocking normal user to use full-fledged plugin managers even administrator does not set any policy explicitly.

However, this statement is not validated, but I feel it is true in most of the cases. Maybe this is the wrong topic to ask this question.

The idea of plugins loading from both default / user folders is good (I said it and I say it again), but in order to avoid plugins management conflict and simplefy the implementation, I think it’s a nice-to-have but not a must-to-have feature. I think it would be better to store it under %Program Data%.

A plugin list only available for that user who installed Notepad makes no sense, especially as in the future the plugins itself seem to get stored under %Program Data% as well.

Visit Stack Exchange You might have gotten the add-on, and probably an independent "Google Updater" program as well, installed by installing one of Google's programs, such as Google Earth or Chrome.If user removes this plugin by using Plugins Admin, after restart, the one in %ALLUSERSPROFILE% will be loaded by Notepad - user will be confused. It is an efficient way out of the problem where user A doesn’t want particular plugin and by removing it removes it for all other users as well.But the approach to install and prefer always the user version of a plugin is two-folded. If you look from an administrator’s perspective you might want the users to access specific set of plugins (including specific versions) that are known to be safe and the possibility for a user to overwrite your secure version with his custom one is a nightmare. When plugin authors want to update a plugin they have to change the related entry in the plugin list.But some user may not want a particular plugin and may uninstall it which will impact other user on the same machine.But some user may not want a particular plugin and may uninstall it which will impact other user on the same machine. However, there’ll be some situation which make Plugins Admin behaviour inconsistent: If the same plugin is in 2 different locations, %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Notepad \plugins\foo\and %LOCALAPPDATA%\Notepad \plugins\foo\Notepad should load only one (let’s say the one in %LOCALAPPDATA%).

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