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Jake realizes how much he is into Jenna after talking to Matty and decides to talk to her about it.When Jake texts Jenna so that they can talk, Matty pulls out his phone to ask Jenna if they can meet tonight.Amber has also been a bad influence on him, by manipulating his friendships with Jenna and Sadie.Matty is an adopted member of the Mc Kibben Family and a member of the Titans Athletes.Jake tells Matty that he kissed Jenna and might be a bit into her.Matty tries to convince Jake that he should let go.Jake confesses to Jenna that he has feelings for her.Jenna hosted a party with her mom and her mom's best friend Ally to try to impress Matty.

Matty later reveals that Olivia is actually his girlfriend-in-law. Matty is the drink-server in the knick-knacker intake gathering.

He is played by American-born Canadian actor Beau Mirchoff.

Not much is known about Matty other than he was adopted by Mr. Mc Kibben at an early age, leaving his biological family unknown.

In the party, Jenna hurts Matty's feeling when she says he thinks he's better than her and is embarrassed to be seen with her.

On her birthday, Matty gives her a ride home after the football game. But later at night he arrives to her room and confesses that he wants to be more than friends with her.

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