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Prostitution in Manila is illegal but the industry is thought to generate around billion in revenue each year.

With figures like this, it is easy to see why the government doesn’t put a huge amount of resources on policing the sex industry.

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Instead, you head inside one of the salons and speak first to the receptionist.Strip clubs in the Philippines are more commonly known as go-go (or bikini) bars.They are similar to strip clubs in that women perform dance routines but they do not always include topless or nude acts. Sometimes they are simply hostess bars with live music or a DJ and services taking place in private rooms or even in the bar itself (oral and manual).Home to 1.78 million people, the city covers an area of just 42.88 sq. Put in perspective, you could fit the city of Manila into Birmingham (UK) six times!With 3.1 million international arrivals to the Philippines all channelled through this tiny city, it is always crowded but with plenty to do; from bars, restaurants and clubs to some more saucy and erotic venues.

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