Mandating bachellor degree in nursing

The “nursing shortage” may be a little overblown in the media, but there’s no doubt that there’s an increasing demand for nurses. Women and men from all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and nationalities find a place in the nursing profession, and for good reason: patients come from all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and nationalities too, and a diverse workforce makes patients more comfortable.Bilingualism is a definite plus on the job market, so if you don’t speak another language, it’s time to learn one.Of course, you can get an associate’s degree and your Registered Nurse license and begin working within two years, but if you’re serious about a career in nursing, it would be wise to look into going further and getting your Bachelor of Science in Nursing.The American Nurses Association has long advocated for the BSN as the minimum standard for nurses, and employers are beginning to listen.This works well for students who aren’t able to move to UW Madison campus.The University of Wisconsin – located in Madison, one of the most beloved college towns in America – is central to professional life and work in Wisconsin.

One of the most esteemed public research universities in the Midwest, Purdue University is Indiana’s land-grant institution and plays a critical role in STEM and medicine.

The Consensus is a combination of both national publisher rankings and student review ratings.

We also used the most current IPEDS data set and the College Scorecard Alumni salaries.

Two centuries later, U of M is a cultural and intellectual center of the Midwest, located in one of the most loved college towns in America. University of Washington’s BSN program prepares students to be registered nurses with a two year program building upon skills taught in the Learning Lab.

UM’s School of Nursing is widely ranked as one of the top nursing schools in the nation – U. Students interact in scenarios that provides practice in a controlled environment before attempting them in a clinical setting.

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