Malwarebytes program error updating 5 0 createfile

This may cause a delay, but I will do my best to keep it as short as possible.

Please bear with me, I will post back to you as soon as I can.**IMPORTANT NOTE : Please do not delete anything unless instructed to.

I think it already installed the one I was asking about yesterday because most of the day it kept asking me to restart my computer. But on the main ending page of the scan it says " No Threats Found " This is pretty weird.

Well, I missed it the one time and it restarted but the little yellow shield is back again. : Unless those are something really minor and not worth worring about. Unless, I wonder if that update yesterday did something.

I wasn't really thinking about it but I really don't think I need to have that on my computer. I would think so but I thought I'd check first.

And do you think that would remove those Trojans if I did.

I just thought of this and figured I'd let you know in case it might help. Actually, since I moved the firmware update from my computer to the jump drive it shouldn't be on my computer any more, should it? Sorry to bother you again, I was just thinking about that. It said the scan shouldn't take more than 3 minutes, well I left it sit over night, about 7-8 hours and it was in the same place.

Also, I have an update that wants to install (the little yellow shield icon on the bottom task bar to the right)(probably from Microsoft), should I go ahead and do the update or should I wait until I get this other taken care of first? I remember when I had a virus/ some problems before and I wrote in for some help I was asked to do the same thing.

I had to shut the computer down and start it back up to be able to do anything every time.DO NOT use any TOOLS such as Combofix or Hijack This fixes without supervision. I am testing a printer and they had me download a firmware file(some fixes) -- it was either yesterday or the day before.Doing so could make your system inoperable and could require a full reinstall of your OS losing all your programs and data. When looking over the scan report again I'm wondering if the Trojans in between the *** (or even all of them) might have something to do with that download I did.It caught my eye because of where it says something about FAXPATCH and TELNET.I had to download a file, put it on a jump drive, then put it in the printer for an update.

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