Male chat bots for girls

Advanced chatbots can crack perfectly timed jokes, quip saucy pickup lines, and fool people into thinking they’re human about 30% of the time.

But people are imperfect, making the headstrong quest to make artificial intelligences resemble their creators potentially perilous.

We sneer at chatbots who talk like machines while we cheer the ones who act like us.

Not surprisingly, developers scramble to imbue artificial intelligence with human characteristics.

Amazon Echo’s Alexa and Google Assistant also have female personas. All of these humanized digital assistants also use audio assets provided by white, Western-educated voice talent.

Sometimes they’re even the first team member to greet your customers and offer help.Have you noticed that both Tay and Cortana, a conversational assistant also developed by Microsoft, are presented as female?The Redmond-based company is not alone in this pattern.When you search for a female name like Stephanie, for example, the engine will suggest alternative names like Stephen or Steve, thinking you’ve misspelled the search item and are really looking for a male contact. There is no suggestion of alternative female names when you’ve keyed in a masculine name on the search box.” A massive database of text was pulled from the news source, recast as a vector space, and queried for word associations.

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