Making the big move dating

Preparation before the big day is really important to make sure that you and your residence are ready for a flurry of activity.If you haven't checked out some of these moving tips, now would be a great time.It's important to understand that an assignment notification does not mean that you have "orders" just yet.At this stage, it's recommended that you start some of the preparation work which may include starting to look at places to live near your new home and getting yourself organized for the pending move.Another amazing resource is Military One Source - they have representatives available 24/7 to answer those late night questions about your upcoming move.This isn't your first rodeo and you have a few moves under your belt at this point.If you are within a week of your move and a survey has not been completed on your home, it’s highly recommended that you reach out to the moving company or your local personal property office for assistance.

The excitement of this new move is typically followed very quickly by panic as you realize all the things that go into moving down the block let alone across the country!If you see anything that does not look right, you need to let the administration section know that there is an error so it can be corrected as soon as possible.Once you have your orders, you can sign in to DPS to schedule your move.However, since most members only move every few years you can be a bit rusty.The information below is meant to serve as a quick refresher for what you and if you have family can expect for your move.

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