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Our recommendation for single Arabs seeking dating or marriage is Arab the largest and most popular of the dozen or so Arab dating apps and sites we reviewed.The features are run of the mill (typical), but the site is quite fast and easy to navigate.Iraqi Singles is another niche Arab dating app / site that makes it easy to meet single Iraqis and chat with Arabs.Egyptian Singles is, you guessed it, a site for single Egyptians looking to meet their match.While the site defaults to only showing you single Egyptian men and women, there is an option to view Arab singles who are not of Egyptian descent.Arab Lounge, which is available in English, Arabic and French, has a diverse pool of Arab singles with roots from Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria, and other MENA/Gulf countries.Its diversity is also reflected in the religious backgrounds of its members as a good percentage of them are Arabs of the Christian faith. In the US, you will find a healthy number of Arab singles from Los Angeles, Dearborn, San Francisco, Chicago, Dearborn and the Washington DC area which includes parts of Maryland and Virginia.

If this does not annoy you, buzz Arab is a good free alternative to the more serious minded singles you will find on paying sites. Arab Matchmaking is another Arab dating app for Arabic women and men that also offers a web version of its service.

They do however offer a lifetime membership which may make more sense for those who like the service, than to pay recurring fees month after month.

The pool of Arab singles, especially Arabic women and Arab girls in the US, seemed a bit smaller than many of the other sites we reviewed but nonetheless, Love Habibi does offer value and opportunities to meet your match.

hile many Arab singles end up using Muslim dating sites and apps to meet their match, there are a number of Arab dating sites that are exclusively dedicated to Arab singles.

These sites cater to single Arab men and Arab women who may be Muslim, Christian, Druze, Baha’i and so on.

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