Louis theroux hypnotic dating

Louis: You know, it looked like you hypnotised her. But Jen was subjected to a form of hypnosis: a powerful tool used for psychological manipulation. If a strange man started stroking my arm, repeating ‘better’ in an increasingly excited tenor, I would run for it.Nonetheless, he was not respected with this honor year; he won this honor without precedent for 2010.Moreover, he created a show called Louis, Martin & Michael, which focused on his journey to obtain an interview with Michael Jackson.He is of French-Canadian, Italian, English ethnicity and holds dual British and American citizenship.

I do a very rare, very unusual – hardly anyone knows about it – it’s a form of hypnosis that involves no sleep. Ross: Did I understand you on a much deeper level than most people? Ross: Yeah, and you know what – you know that feeling right there. “Buzz words”, he states, “like imagine, feel, do, allow, permit, are all words which act as key commands to arouse a woman.” He then performs a demonstration on a girl called Alexis, telling us “she mentioned she liked guys with great hands. You know how quickly, easily and powerfully you see that yellow ball of beautiful colour and good feeling. I’m going to take some of it, breathe in as it gets bigger, breathe out as it gets smaller. Notice how clearly you can imagine my hands soaked in that colour, right? Deceit should not be necessary for one human being to attract another. Louis travels to Vegas to meet some of the leader's in the field of hypnotic self-improvement.He signs up for a course with Marshall Sylver a hypnotist who seems to have a great deal in common with the likes of Jimmy Swaggart - he claims he can make you into a millionaire but when Louis asks to meet his successful clients things take a different turn. He uses hypnosis to make members of the opposite sex feel more attracted to him but for some unknown reason Louis also starts to find him strangely attractive...In 2003, he joined BBC and afterward, he started making documentaries on an American topic.It was distributed under the name The Call of the Weird: Travels in American Subcultures.

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