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Lots of fake profiles, sociopaths and an overall nonreputable site.

first profile I randomly clicked on was a woman who was pregnant with a horrible attitude. Free is too much to pay I don't recommend POF because of very low level of women's activity there.

I get the paranoia to a degree -there are real scammers out there after all, but to criminalize ~and sully the reputation of~ every halfway decent looking person you see online is not the solution. Huge disparity on plenty of fish between perception and reality Reality is the women on there are either low grade 2s/3s or way past the best too old They however perceive they are amazing and a great catch and therefore have unrealistic expectations and demands.

The relatively 'normal' messages I received were, for the most part, rather forced (e.g. Online dating has created a whole generation of women who offer very little but think they deserve a stunning looking fella.

Either they're the unluckiest women ever or theyre standards are stupid. As expected I did get a slight increase of responses from Women.

I bet if I log on in 2023 they'll still be on there with photos years out of date I still saw the women complaining about getting messages about men only wanting sex and they were still in bikinis and flaunting their assets in the photos, What do they expect ffs no common sense Add in the #metoo movement these days and you've got a website full of feminists all demanding a young Leonardo Di Caprio lookalike and refusing to compromise in the slightest They'll be 50 soon and bitter with just their cats and it'll serve them all right I did a series of experiments to see how pointless it is for men to log online in hopes of finding a woman using Online Dating. I made a profile with the Ugliest most beastly woman I could find on the net. Which means there was a MINIMUM OF 700 GUYS FOR ONLY 2 WOMEN ONLINE!! Its IMPOSSIBLE for ANY SIngle WOman to still be single with that kind of ratios in their favor yet you see all the same women logged in DAY & NIGHT. But it was Mostly n increase from Women who rate a 2 or 3. "ONLINE DATING IS A HUUUUGE WASTE OF TIME & Virtually POINTLESS FOR ANY HETEROSEXUAL MAN looking for a WOman!

Thankfully I didn't invest any real time or energy into it, but a lot of women do and get abused in the process. in order to 'find the best matches' for you. How does anyone get past the initial questionnaire? " data-username="Persinette  M." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Persinette M." data-details="Photo uploaded on 6/17/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/pof.com#photo_115213" data-browse-link="/photos/pof.com" data-browse-text="Browse all POF photos" Tip for consumers: While I did appreciate the ability to communicate freely without a paywall, the seedy guys weren't worth my time (outside of being good for a laugh/experimenting with). Many of which are prostitutes and escort agencies posing as regular women.

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That profile received about 50-65 messages EVERY SINGLE DAY. 4AM is the Deadest time of the day so Under Advanced search I changed it from Man looking for Women to Woman looking for Man & I saw ALL 35 PAGES of Men where Logged ONLINE!! Where even a 2 or 3 wont talk to a man unless he is a Solid 10!Instead, I was flooded (immediately) with sexually threatening messages.I also got repeatedly accused (in very hostile fashion) of being a 'scammer' (just like on nll (niche dating site), zoosk etc.) - super offensive btw.tons of average looking women who are maybe a 3 out of 10 but act like they're a 10. women thinking they're better than they actually are. The site doesn't care about your search criteria and matches you with the women who are not in your age group or those who live too far. I WAS on here about 4 years ago and I left because it was awful.I despise women with an attitude problem but it's even worse when the one's with the attitude are very very plain looking. It's now even worse which takes some doing and amazed it's got 3 stars.

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