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In spite of this set back, Paul continued using the Thai dating site but in five years, he still has not made it to Thailand.

Paul has many online girlfriends in Thailand mostly younger women although quite a few are middle aged.

Paul says he has been reasonably successful combatting his loneliness but was initially devastated by how he felt just after losing his wife.

'I think it hit me about three to four months after, it was like a black fog came over me, it was nearly a physical thing, it was so bad that I would go to the shop up the road just to speak to someone behind the counter.' Paul actually has many friends, goes to the local pub two or three times a week and is popular in the residential area where he lives.

Paul found it difficult to date English women locally in his owns city having even tried a matchmaking service he saw on a local newspaper.

'I went on a date once but it was all very expensive.

Now I think it might as well be a new life altogether.

I feel a man or women must have someone in their lives from the opposite sex, it's only a natural thing isn't it.' Paul tells us that the friends he has made online have made him think more openly and broadened his horizons.

That is where the internet dating helps but I've put off my trip to Thailand for too long. I'm off in the new year and I'm really looking forward to it.' Carla Boonkong, a researcher and magazine writer in Bangkok, who has studied extensively the phenomenon of Thai woman marrying Europeans men including UK men.Money can't buy you love but controversially, in today's world, maybe it can. The links between money, love, loneliness and the attraction between western lonely hearts and Thai women throws up some interesting findings.What is not in doubt however, is that a dramatic shift in society all over the world means loneliness is an issue to be confronted.It's not that I'm a miser but it just didn't feel right and at my age it's not so easy to find a dating partner. The only thing, I know I may be lonely and I have limited means but I don't have any money worries, you see.' Paul's first experience with Thai dating site didn't make things much better.Paul ended up losing nearly Stg 2,000 to an internet scammer who said she needed the money to secure a visa and pay for a plane ticket.

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