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If you’re a backpacker who likes to be on the move, Bangalore is the perfect stopover point for you, because this city is the gateway to a plethora of South Indian tourist destinations – you can choose from ancient temples, jungles, historic sites to even scenic countrysides for a quick weekend getaway.

The city has plenty of local bands of its own, and Bangalore’s music is a distinct mix of healthy rock fused with classical sounds.

The city is one of the most important tourist centers of Karnataka and there are many amazing places to visit in Bangalore. Very well connected with rest of the country and international destinations.

Central business district of Bangalore consists of places such as MG Road, Brigade Road, Commercial Street, Vidhana Soudha etc. Good mix of historical attractions and modern city.

While the advent of liberalization has completely turned the face of the city around, it has still held on to its culture, traditions and moral values.

Music and dance have always been an inseparable part of the culture of Karnataka, and they still hold a very important place in the city.

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