Listen to sex chat recordings

Microsoft is not the first company to be in the news about humans listening to recordings.

Or that awkward exchange with your doctor about a story in which an Apple whistleblower details how the company lets contractors review audio of users’ Siri commands — as well as recordings never actually meant for Siri’s digital ears — to improve the digital assistant.It is clear to me that he is misleading the state about the nature of his relationship, but it is also clear that Ms.If you use Apple’s AI-powered voice assistant Siri — or own a Siri-enabled device — there’s a chance a human on the other side of the world may be listening to you have sex right now.We continue to review the way we handle voice data to ensure we make options as clear as possible to customers and provide strong privacy protections, The portions of audio are generally between five and ten seconds, but some can be longer.Audio files obtained by Motherboard include clips of people discussing weight loss, relationship problems, and phone sex.

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