Lisa edelstein dating hugh laurie

Lo que no le corre prisa, sin embargo, es protagonizar su propia serie.

Why did Jennifer Morrison a) break off her engagement with Jesse Spencer, and b) leave the show soon afterward? I had worked with her in Chicago, and she hooked up with the leading guy. A.-I learned that she was engaged to be married to my friend (who is a bit religious and it transfered over to her), which she met on a shoot.

Celeste Serrano, su personaje, es una abogada de dudosa ética con adicción al juego.

En sus primeras declaraciones tras abandonar 'House', Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy en la ficción médica de Fox) ha lamentado su "decepcionante" salida , ha adelantado nuevos detalles sobre su personaje en la tercera temporada de 'The Good Wife', donde participará en al menos tres episodios, y hasta le ha enviado un recadito a David Shore si quiere que participe en el episodio final de la serie de Hugh Laurie.

But ultimately I felt like it was the best thing for me to do for myself and for my business. TVLINE | The show picks up this fall with House in jail. TVLINE | It sounded like that was the direction David Shore was going in when I spoke to him recently. So everything that she does is all about the risk, and it’s really fun — especially [in contrast] to Alicia [Julianna Margulies] who has to be so held together. TVLINE | Is it possible your three-episode arc could be extended? I like [the length of the stint] because I’m here for a solid month and then I’m available to go back to work in Los Angeles. So it’s all very up in the air at the moment, but my creative juices are flowing.

Sería un poco más valiente coger el teléfono y llamar".You fans know this steamy and sandy makeout sesh was Note to international users: If you're having problems loading our video, please try changing the country origin to U. La actriz que dio vida a Cuddy en la ficción médica de Fox ha empezado esta semana en el drama de CBS protagonizado por Julianna Margulies. I'd feel more comfortable adopting, giving a child a home. The tranny role was offered without auditions, so you do wonder why the . Edelstein: Being with Rob Lowe was very exciting because I was in love with him when I was a girl. TV Guide: You did the voice of Lex Luthor's moll on the animated [airing] next season, I play a crazed woman from JDate [the online dating service for Jewish singles]. Edelstein: It's not very glamorous, and I lost out in the past because it was too "ethnic." But most of my parents' families were killed in the Holocaust, and it would be denying my family line. Edelstein: I hated New Jersey and started going to clubs at 14. I just needed to be around people who were expressing themselves. People asked my parents if it was OK that I was a lesbian when I was only playing one on TV. TV Guide: Once you became an actress, did you consider changing your name? TV Guide: Most of your TV fans probably don't know that in the mid-1980s you were well known as party girl Lisa E., dubbed "New York's Reigning Queen of the Night." How did a nice New Jersey girl become a Manhattan club kid?

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