Liquidating merchandise

So when a customer suffers buyer’s remorse, the item they return gets stuck in storage.

That is until all the returned merchandise gets bought by reverse logistics companies so that it can get sold to secondary resellers.

Customers return items for all sorts of reasons and when they do, the item they previously bought cannot be resold.

That is because it is now classified as second-hand goods, and most stores are obligated to only sell brand new merchandise.

This merchandise gets snapped up by liquidation specialists to be sold to secondary resellers.Those resellers then sell it to eager customers looking for top quality merchandise at a low price.Since this merchandise is bought at a level well below the retail price, it can be resold to the secondary market at a low price, and then onto customers.These are the most common sources for liquidated merchandise.Stores sometimes buy too much of a certain product that does not end up selling as well as they thought it would.

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