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Yes , Jim , Others said the same about my HAND outlines in the caves 100,000 years ago. Musk's automobile in space is in the same boat too, right?

En Joy En Joy ROTFLMAOSTFD11apr19--An armchair stylized as a female torso, pocked with arrows and under attack by wild animals. Search for ' Maestà Sofferente by Gaetano Pesce ' and read about the protests.

Every so often, a convicted Australian paedophile – we'll call him "Malcolm" – transfers small amounts of cash via Western Union to his "friends" in Indonesia.

Perhaps Malcolm is just being nice to some poor families in a country where 43 per cent of the population subsists on less than per day.

They are in a class by themselves when you factor in price and ease of use!

I have been a working photographer for over forty years using Nikon cameras.

Please click a room which does not have a shield or lock for your initial guest or i Webcam® member login to the chat network.

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    As to the first issue, the transaction between the FDIC and Weatherford couldn’t have retroactive effect unless the parties showed a clear intent for the transaction to be retroactive.

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    One of the reasons for dating a Caribbean is that they have one of the most delicious meals in the world.