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Other notable correspondents include Roy Bedichek, Maynard Dixon, Fred Gipson, John Howard Griffin, John Graves, Carl Hertzog, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, Tom Lea, John A. The letters to Bertha begin from the time of their courtship in 1914 until 1963.Lomax, Alexander Phimister Proctor, Carl Sandburg, Ross Santee, Henry Nash Smith, Frank Wardlaw, Walter Prescott Webb, Herbert Faulkner West, and Senator Ralph Yarborough. The letters document the Dobies' life together, especially the times when they were apart including their courtship before they were married, and during Dobie's time teaching at Cambridge during World War II. The Letters to his mother begin in 1903 and end just before her death in 1948.He returned to Texas and that same year became a professor of English at the University of Texas at Austin (UT).

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James Frank Dobie was born on a ranch in Live Oak County, Texas on September 26, 1888.

As with the Letters series, the bulk of the correspondence in this series comes from Bertha Mc Kee Dobie and Ella Byler Dobie.

Also well represented are other members of the Dobie family, especially his sisters Martha Dobie and Fannie Dobie Stanford; as well as Ruth Dodson; Isabel Gaddis; Little, Brown and Company; and .

Dobie became secretary and editor of the Texas Folklore Society in 1922.

The society was formed in 1909, but had been mostly inactive during the war years.

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