Latino black interracial dating

To understand how professional women of color navigate endogamy and family ideals, I draw on 40 in-depth interviews of professional Black women and Latinas to ask how they construct partner preferences.I find that professional Latinas and Black women prefer same-race, similarly educated partners but report significant barriers to satisfying these desires.Respondents’ experiences with racism, the rejection of ethno-racial and cultural assimilation, gendered racism from men of color, and the college gender gap emerge as mechanisms for endogamous preferences.

This essay explores the challenges and opportunities of a public history project conducted in in Seaside, California, a former military town and minority-majority city attached to Fort Ord.

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But then the other half is sweet, sincere, and see black women as just as good or even better for girlfriends, friends & wives as other races.

The other half prefers women with melanin over what our racial colorist culture still implies, that the whiter the better.

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