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Unfortunately, I was already grown the first time I saw a queer Latina – Sara Ramirez playing Callie Torres from Grey’s Anatomy – on television. It’s especially important for young Latinas who are still discovering their gender and sexuality, because it teaches them that there is more than one way to be.

Representation teaches us that we’re not alone – and that in fact, Latinidad carries a huge history of many orientations and genders!

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In the study, they discovered Latinas are 37.5% more likely to be partially or fully naked on screen than other women; furthermore, 36.1% of Latinas in those movies were wearing “sexualized attire.”However, this is not the only stereotype about Latinas and our sexuality that television and movies perpetuate.

Please be careful when also doing online dating, you never know who’s really on the other side of that phone.valentines he proposed and we’ve been happily married since April 14th ...never did I imagine that I would fine my forever best friend on a online dating site but I did and I will forever be grateful to chispa for giving me the opportunity to find true love !!!Or she’s there to clean the floors and/or steal your man.There are some serious stereotypes very much alive in film and TV today, and ‘The Latina’ is one of them.” surveyed characters of the 100 top-grossing movies of 2014.

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