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What does Lamman have in common with the troubled Greenleaf scion?

Here, in an exclusive clip, Lamman reveals how he channels the conflicted feelings of his character.

And it seems as if the audience is pleased with the film as well.” And he could not be more accurate.

The level of admiration and praise he received after the film was not lost on me.

Grace's natural talent and drive impress her father, and the bishop decides to groom her for the pulpit in her brother's place.

A frustrated Jacob, played by Lamman Rucker, breaks with Calvary and begins working for a rival pastor named Basie Skanks.

I had the immense pleasure of spending a few hours with Mr. He even took the time to speak with a young movie theater employee. Lamman took the time to share words of wisdom with and mentor this young man, who was only 19 years old.

I can only imagine what Malaya would have told the DAR. I’ve often wondered why the only one of the three of us who was named after a historical figure would change her name. Malaya always has been, and will forever be, her own person. My sister Malaya Rucker-Oparabea, a dancer and storyteller, and her son, actor, producer and entrepreneur Lamman Rucker, have devoted their lives to their art.Everyone that spoke to Rucker after the film had positive things to say, even some young ladies that talked to me before and after the movie.They enjoyed the film immensely and were sort of shy about approaching Mr. I assured them they should just go and talk to him and that he would not turn them away, which he did not. It’s interesting what people recall and what people bring up” is what Lamman stated when asked how does it feel when coming back home.Lamman took a few moments to approach these young men and let them know they did not need to behave or dress in that manner. I use them as teachable moments that most people would shy away from.” Lamman continued, “There are always times when we know what we should do, but instead we come up with all of these excuses why we shouldn’t, and then we don’t do it.” Lamman has “the courage to open my mouth and my ears and my mind and my heart to take the time out to do what is right and to take advantage of the moment. “I don’t know the title or who’s in it or what channel.When asked why he took that time when most people would walk away, he stated, “Because I mean it. I haven’t gotten the job yet, but I know it’s coming! I know I believe in speaking things into existence, and it seems as if Lamman does, too.

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