Laila ali dating queen

Laila Ali developed the values of hard work, determination and courage growing up as the youngest child of the legendary boxer and humanitarian Muhammad Ali. Maxx to launch “The Maxx You Project,” encouraging women to let their individuality shine. Ali has overcome adversity, defied expectations and pushed herself beyond her comfort zone—to help 80 women to do the same.Her own record of 24 wins—21 of which were knockouts—and zero losses has made her the most successful contender in the history of women’s boxing. “As a woman, I know there are ‘boxes’ the world might try to place us in and go-to labels often used to describe us: mother, sister, boss, friend, etc., but they don’t even begin to scratch the surface of who we truly are at our core,” Ali said. Maxx to inspire others to break through those labels and pursue what’s inside them.” Source: prnewswire and Afropunk recently marked its 15th year as an arts and music festival dedicated to showcasing black talent, initially within the punk subculture, but has since expanded its horizons to including black creativity at large.The boxing world champion, TV host, author, and speaker, said, “I like to live my life with an ‘All In’ attitude. “From ‘Mom Boss’ to boxing world champion, entrepreneur to cooking enthusiast, author, speaker and TV host, there is no one role that defines me. Beyond the music lineups that are typically the pull to the festival, (this year’s performers included Tierra Whack, Junglepussy FKA Twigs, Death Grips, and more) Afropunk has solidified itself as a fashionepicenter. Maxx is launching The Maxx You Project—aimed at helping women break those stereotypes by embracing the personal aspirations or lifelong dreams that make them each one-of-a-kind.She won the World Boxing Council title, she remains undefeated in Tyson-Kevin Mc Bride fight. In her final fight, she knocked out her opponent Gwendolyn O’Neil.Ali is a multi-talented person and she also writes a motivational book “Reach: finding strength, spirit and personal power”.LL was greeted by the more than 200 youth who participated in the month long camp and residents of the neighborhood where he grew up.

She did some commercials and appeared as a host actor in some American series. This shows the potential and talent which Laila Ali has.The program was developed as an opportunity for the kids in the community to not only learn the game of basketball but also learn team building and leadership skills critical to life off the court.LL has always been an avid philanthropist involved in numerous causes including literacy for kids as well as music and arts programs in schools.Personal Life Ali was born on 30th of December 1977 in Florida.Her mother name is Veronica Porche Ali who was the third wife of Muhammad Ali.

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