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I also feel men insecure enough to have issues with this kind of reversal should be avoided to begin with. You're so right that women need to take the initiative and ask a man out.

Personally, I think the chivalric/courtly love of medieval times idealizes the relationship between a woman and a man.

Angry criticism and diatribes directed against Bachmann's outdated sexist ideals flooded the Internet.

Evolved commenters on, a popular female-oriented news site, wrote about how they asked their husbands out on the first date and how they remain perfectly fine, non-whorish people. Well, dating expert Evan Marc Katz, who on his website pegs himself as a "personal trainer for women who want to fall in love," disagrees with women taking charge in procuring dates.

And a woman judges which man is most worthy of her time based on his actions.

I know guys say this, and I know the best ones truly believe it, but from experience, I've seen time and again how once push comes to shove, it just doesn't work that way.

He writes: "If he returns the flirt then start ramping it up.

To the question, "Should women ask men out on dates? He warned that women could come across as "aggressive, desperate, and masculine." Rather, he encourages women to use their "feminine wiles to get men to ask them out." For example, at a party, women should stand in their potential suitor's eye line and offer a come hither smile when eye contact is made.

Like Lawrence O'Donnell, does Katz get the last word?

The man pursues, chases, woos, and charms the woman.

He demonstrates how much she means to him through his actions.

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