Kenyan dating rituals

Kenya, a land of safaris, wild animals, and Maasai warriors, perfectly represents Africa for many Westerners.This peerless single-source book presents the contemporary reality of life in Kenya, an important East-African nation that has served as a crossroads for peoples and cultures from Africa, the Middle East, and East Asia for centuries.It is less common to see men and women/couples hand in hand or displaying any affection in public.Kenya is an extremely open and friendly society, so if you know someone well, touching a shoulder or arm in conversation is common, as is plenty of laughter.If the person is unknown to you, then to call them by their most distinguished title is appropriate – Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.

For Kenyans, ‘Kenyan time’ is generally taken this in good faith, accepting delays as just part of life and beyond their control.

Kenya is a welcoming place filled with vibrant culture. Handshakes are required, regardless of how many people you are greeting.

Connect better with locals using these cultural tips. It is more polite and a sign of respect if you make the handshake firm. After a handshake, it is common to have some form of small talk where general questions about the other person are asked such as ‘How is your work? Do not be surprised to see people take time out and at work to talk and catch up, as if time was timeless in itself.

However, it is common to see men who know each other well, walking and talking whilst remaining hand in hand.

This is accepted and in no way seen as strange behaviour.

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