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Hutch Harris and Kathy Foster weren’t always brash punk rockers. Before forming The Thermals, the duo wrote and recorded eccentric folk-pop tunes as Hutch and Kathy. “We love lo-fi, and we have made really lo-fi records, but at the same time we also enjoy really produced records.” Eric Fanali, a KSCU DJ and concert promoter, says he became aware of the band around the time of its second CD, whose name we can’t print in this paper.“That’s when I first really noticed — wow, this is more than just your typical pop-punk indie band,” Fanali says.

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The band’s contract with Sub Pop had ended, and rather than re-up, the two decided to pay for the recording themselves and shop for a deal later.

When you hear a whole crowd singing along, that’s so fun.

One of the big goals of this band is to get people singing along, jumping around and shouting.” Harris and Foster got their start playing in South Bay bands like Haelah and the Urban Legends, performing DIY shows with like-minded friends in alternative venues such as the Knights of Columbus hall in Cupertino.

For the last 16 years, the Thermals have been a constant in the ever-shifting Portland experiment.

At beloved bars now long gone, or on the speakers at a house party, they took us through three presidents and our rise from a city with cheap rent accessible to artists to ... When they announced they were disbanding in April, it came out of the blue for fans, but for the band, the decision was anything but hasty.

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