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Probit analysis considers the time at which 50% of the teeth have erupted.

Based on this, the sequence of eruption of the maxillary and mandibular teeth with mean age of emergence is given in Table 1.

The review of literature showed that there are 9 different types of polymorphisms relating to the eruption of teeth.

The study was conducted after obtaining due consent and ethical clearance.

In most of the studies, the eruption of the mandibular teeth also occurs ahead of the maxillary teeth (Shaweesh 2012).

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the sequence of emergence of permanent teeth in children of Dakshina Kannada region of Southern India and compare our findings with those from other populations to identify the polymorphisms in eruption sequence.

The emergence of teeth in the upper and lower jaw is considered to be a very consistent timed event that correlates well with the age of the individual.

This knowledge of sequence of eruption of teeth is important for the practice of clinical dentistry especially in the branches of pediatrics and orthodontics.

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