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And that includes any static interpretations of her own music.She may give listeners teasing hints about what her songs are about, but she’d rather have fans interpret her work to suit their own emotional needs.Ultimately, I don’t think the fact that I’m gay has had all that much impact on my career as a musician, good or bad.

" Then my parents ended up finding out through a letter I had written to a girl at summer camp, but then it became something we really didn’t discuss. It was a Christian high school, and I didn’t fit in there to begin with. I didn’t have a butch haircut—I just had a short little pixie haircut.

I had no delusions of grandeur about being a success, because instrumental acoustic guitar music hadn't had any commercial success since the 80's.

Even after the release of my first album I had an in-town gig playing in the band for Blue Man Group.

I mean, it was a really a Stepford Wives kind of vibe.

I’m sure that everyone has blossomed into being fabulous people [laughs], but at the time, it was like, “This is just not worth it to try to be openly gay.

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