Jewish dating in usa

“That doesn’t necessarily happen for all of us and the choices that I’m making are about whether or not I’m OK with that, right?It’s not necessarily that I’m choosing to just remain single the rest of my life, but I’m choosing to be OK with the fact that my life didn’t pan out in the quote-unquote ‘typical way,’ ” she said.“Another reason is that economic change made it more difficult for young adults to attain economic stability.And the other reason is that there is a normative change with respect to the institute of marriage,” meaning other, non-marital relationships are becoming legitimized.

That being said, the dating and marriage trends he sees make him “tremendously” concerned about the future of the Jewish people.

Jewish people in that age bracket were slightly more likely to be married (6.6 per cent, compared to 6.4 per cent), but were significantly less likely to be living in a common-law relationship (5.3 per cent, compared to 11.9 per cent for non-Jews).

Rabbi Yisroel Bernath of Chabad NDG in Montreal has been setting up Jewish couples for almost 15 years.

She’s continued to date since the split, but not in the hopes of finding anything long-term, at least not for a while.

Instead, she views dating as a way of making new friends.

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