Jerry springer dating show baggage dating someone who is not your type

I offered to go by my middle name -- Vinnie -- and the producers were cool with that.Vinnie was actually supposed to have been my birth name until my Italian mom had a last-minute change of heart, so calling myself “Vinnie” really wasn’t that much of a fabrication.For my top three I wrote, 1) I’m funny, 2) I’m a very handsome man, and 3) I’m not that good in bed, but I try really hard!I thought that was a funny line, and it didn’t seem like any of the non-baggage stuff about was ever going to get used on the show.I decided that my three biggest pieces of baggage were as follows: 1) I am 45 years old and have never been married. (This used to be true, though I sold them off years ago.) And 3) I have a ghost that follows me around and haunts me.(Not true, but I used to live in an apartment where a girl had died, and I did hear some creaking in the walls once...)I made up that last one, but I thought it sounded funny and would play well on TV. But would you be willing to go on national television and spill the beans about all your biggest flaws?

Sometimes the show featured one woman choosing between three men.I think a lot of guys on the show were saying that they lived with their mom’s, so in retrospect, maybe a guy living with his sister wasn’t so bad.The questionnaire also asked each contestant to name the three best things about themselves.The premise of BAGGAGE was that a single man or woman would have to choose between three people of the opposite sex for a date.In the first round, each of the three possible companions would have to reveal a small bit of “baggage” about themselves -- i.e., something that would send up a red flag and possibly make someone not want to date them.

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