Jeffrey sebelia dating

The look can best be described as dystopian rock 'n' roll—"Blade Runner" meets Vivienne Westwood's Sex Pistols with a touch of Oscar Wilde dandy.His dark, zippered biker jackets and wax-printed drainpipe jeans have become popular among sullen young actors and preening rock stars of both sexes.

And while crowds of fans recognize him on the street, that's not exactly translating to the monetary success he had envisioned.She is also not thrilled with how the production has portrayed him."Some people don't realize that it's all pretty much manufactured," she says.Like this story on Project Runway reality star and resident bad boy Jeffrey Sebelia. Okay, I DO tune into Celebrity Fit Club but that's another story). homeboy wins on the season finale (to be aired this Wednesday on BRAVO)!

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