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The couple admits they struggled to find the right name because Jeff preferred names that were “off the beaten path,” while Jordan preferred names that were a bit more southern. While appearing on their Jeff & Jordan TV You Tube channel in June 2016, the couple revealed they were expecting a son.

Although Jeff was ecstatic at the news, Jordan was in absolute shock when she first heard the news.

WWE Champion; World Heavyweight Champion; United States Champion; Intercontinental Champion; European Champion; Hardcore Champion; Light Heavyweight Champion; World Tag Team Champion; Raw Tag Team Champion; Smack Down Tag Team Champion; WCW Tag Team Champion; Jeff Hardy dared the WWE Universe to dream big.

Going from a scrawny teenager to one of the most popular WWE Champions in history, The Charismatic Enigma showed that anything was possible when you took a risk.

Despite being a fan favorite and remaining in the public eye since her win, there is still quite a bit you may not know about her.

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Jordan Lloyd.

The members of the Vlog Squad are seen on the You Tube channel of David Dobrik which surpassed 13 million subscribers.

Since appearing on Big Brother, Jordan (and Jeff) have partnered with People for Care & Learning in a new Build a City project, which led them all the way to Cambodia.

On October 13, 2016, Jordan and her husband Jeff Schroeder, who she famously met on Big Brother 11, welcomed their first child together.

Their son, Lawson Keith Schroeder was born via C-section.

The four Superstars risked their careers in the dangerous bout, and came out bigger stars than they could have imagined.

Jeff and Matt went on to revolutionize sports-entertainment, along with Edge & Christian and The Dudley Boyz in the breathtaking series of Tables, Ladders & Chairs Matches.

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