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The commonly accepted description of the CJ-3A seems to apply only to the mid production vehicles.

The lack of factory parts information from the CJ-3A time period makes it very difficult to decide if and when changes were made.

The CJ-3A was produced for five model years, 1949 to 1953.

Two other civilian Jeep models overlapped the CJ-3A's production.

The CJ-3A had many features similar to the late CJ-2As.

Likewise the late CJ-3A had some of the new characteristics of the CJ-3B. These differences can be used to roughly date when a vehicle was manufactured.

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The prefix was changed to indicate the model and model year and the serial number itself was reset to 10001 at the beginning of each model year.Prior to that American Central Manufacturing (ACM) manufactured the bodies.Engine changes The engine serial number is stamped on the boss between the water pump and cylinder head; click on the engine serial number illustration at the right for the location. Yes, such a thing is tremendously superficial, but hey, we’re car fans. Once upon a time, prospective partners had to actually meet one another before going all judgmental on the vehicle (or lack thereof) driven by a potential soulmate.

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