Its just lunch dating service scams

Reporting scams to federal agencies helps them collect evidence for lawsuits against people committing these scams.However, federal agencies don’t investigate individual cases of telephone scams.State and local laws govern legitimate lotteries and sweepstakes.State lotteries publish their results online or broadcast them on television, not by contacting you directly.Selective Search is North America’s leading boutique personal matchmaking firm, attaining the highest success rate in the industry.Our proven Meet Your Future® process combines executive recruiting methodologies with traditional matchmaking intuition. Many claim that you’ve won a prize but must pay a fee to collect it.Others require you to provide personal information to enter a “contest.” These scams may reach you by postal mail, email, phone call, robocall, or text message.

You will be given a date when you can return to the site to enroll. Mark that date on your calendar, so you can start monitoring your credit as soon as possible.

They are common when tickets for popular concerts, plays, and sporting events sell out.

Scammers, including individuals and fake resale companies, take advantage of the situation by: Prize scammers try to get your money or personal information through fake lotteries, sweepstakes, or other contests.

If you detect suspicious activity on your credit report due to the breach, learn how to report it immediately.

The FTC also offers more information to protect yourself after a data breach.

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