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She also appeared in Push Play's video, "Midnight Romeo.Emily also made a music video for her song lovesick.The song was first recorded by Berry in 1958 Her father is an actor of various films and appeared in Osment's movie debut Soccer Mom, and her older brother is the Academy Award-nominated actor for "The Sixth Sense" Osment was raised as a Catholic.From there she went on to feature in many commercials, after which she made her acting debut in the 1999 film The Secret Life of Girls, featuring Eugene Levy and Linda Hamilton.Osment did a voice over role in the Disney movie, Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch and also a voice role in Edward Fubbwupper Fibbed Big. In 2007, Osment guest-starred as Kelly & tall skunk girl on Disney Channel's Shorty Mc Shorts' Shorts.According to an audio interview with Emily backstage at the Grammys, she is to start filming a new movie called Soccer Mom.In early 2008, Osment participated in Disney Channel's "Earth Day", where she and other Disney stars met with Tree People to teach kids how to help the environment with small changes in their homes and neighborhoods.In May 2009, Emily participated in Disney's "Friends for Change: Planet Green".

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The show earned her a Young Artist Award nomination in 2007 for best performance in a TV series (Comedy or Drama).Osment also appeared in the Disney Channel Hannah Montana promotion "Hannah Montana's Backstage Secrets," in which she portrays Lola in a fictional interview set in the show's canon.In addition, Osment helped to design some of the pieces from the Hannah Montana clothing collection which Disney released in the latter part of the summer in 2006.The main areas Disney is concentrating its efforts in are waste, climate, water and habitats.She attended the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation Kids for Kids Carnival in NYC on October 24, 2009 where she read books to those who attended the event.

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