Is dale jr and amy still dating

But Earnhardt is getting more comfortable with his celebrity status.Almost everywhere he went along the famous Vegas Strip, Reimann was by his side.That's more than we can say about Kurt Busch, who over the last year has lost his wife and job.You should have seen Earnhardt at Vegas, particularly on Wednesday during a NASCAR version of "The Newlywed Game." When asked what driver's wife or significant other had the best chance of winning a wet T-shirt contest, he quipped, "My future wife."For the record, he corrected later, he wasn't talking specifically about Reimann.She is just a simple girl that I care a lot about and I want to make sure she's protected."For those curious about Reimann, she is blonde and beautiful, soft-spoken when you first meet her and previously married to former University of Kentucky football player Tommy Cook.There's not much else to tell except she and Earnhardt appear happy."Hopefully, she can handle it," Earnhardt said of the bright spotlight that has followed him since he entered the sport.and Amy Reimann were dating by the 'National Enquirer' in April, 2010, while Amy was still married to another man.The couple first went public in December, 2011, at the NASCAR Awards in Las Vegas.

"No, I'm not getting married," Earnhardt said with his familiar shy smile following Friday's banquet at the Wynn Las Vegas.

We can't talk about the Busch brothers, crew chief changes and how NASCAR will fix the two-car draft at Daytona and Talladega during the whole offseason.

At least Earnhardt is comfortable in his own skin and having fun.

They also welcomed their first child, daughter Isla Rose, on April 30.

profile, the couple said they have been seeing a couples therapist named Jane for three years. And, Jane is the reason why every day is way better," Earnhardt said.

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