Is bella and edward dating in real life

Much to Renee's chagrin, Bella was her father's daughter: Ordinary. Bella had always been insecure about her looks, less so as she aged. She looked very, rock and roll in brand new jeans that came with designer holes and a new slashed ripped, cut out, stretchy blouse. Her best friend was blessed with the body of an Amazonian goddess, long blonde hair, piercing violet eyes, the epitome of the golden ratio.Bella was the exact opposite of her estranged mother. She saw that her brown eyes, her petite stature, and decent curves, made her 'pretty.' But Bella was not the local flavor and not exotic. She was quite athletic, but she was not overly muscled."Wow," Rose commented, "I do not know if I will ever get used to seeing you look like that. Who cares about who will be there or what band is playing? It's a charmed life if you ask me." Rosalie said, offering a bemused smile."Miss Hale, gorgeous as always! Since they moved, Rose was approached continuously by potential 'who swore up and down she could be the next big thing. It did not have anything to do with her looks either. A sad fact, both worked so much, they were very removed from the film culture and gossip. Two Successful careers, exes, distance, and paparazzi. Bella Swan, with her two best friends, Rosalie Hale and Alice Brandon have just moved to LA from New York to promote Bella's book New Moon and work on writing screenplays.This is a very strange OOC, AH, AU Twist on New Moon. New Moon will be quoted directly in a few chapters. Edward is just days away from a press junket for his new movie and Bella days away from her book tour for New Moon reading about her past, with ex Anthony Masen, the man who destroyed her in the middle a forest in Forks. Reviews Are Appreciated, they help me guide the story as many of you have with this one. (Edited July 13th, 2019)Also, every single character and word within this fic belongs to Stephanie Meyer, and I have no ownership of it what so ever.(MEET ISABELLA SWAN)"Rose, what band are we going to see?Rose submitted Bella's novel, New Moon, to be considered for publication. Rosalie soon became her editor, agent, and part-time publicist.

She could not fathom why her story had gotten so much buzz. She hoped that in sharing her story, she would help someone.

She shuddered to think about how much the outfit cost, but it was nice to know that Bella was the one paying for it all, and dressing the part made her feel good inside and out.

It gave her the confidence she needed, even if she had to fake it.

Description: Twilight Vampire Couple: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson - a new Hollywood couple are very nice and hot.

They had a romantic love story in both movie and real life.

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