Is bachelor 11 dating

It’s still unknown how the couple met and when they officially split ways, but the source told Us Weekly that the two had an amicable split and have remained friends.A fan did notice, though, that Chris had commented on Hannah’s Instagram in April 2018.Since Hannah had already dated someone from the world could that mean she was more interested in the fame? She was incredibly heartbroken when her relationship with Colton ended.

– It's been quite the summer for Chris Harrison, and it's not even close to over.The "Bachelor," "Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise" host is still getting to experience firsts with the reality dating franchise, more than 17 years into its run on ABC.This summer was the first year that "Bachelorette" was the No.Hannah posted a picture of her and a friend sitting on a blanket at the beach with the caption: “hi I suck at captions rn sooooo” and Chris commented: “one too many drives thru Panera.” So we can assume they had probably been dating for at least a couple weeks by that time.Colton’s season involved a lot of discussion around who was “here for the right reasons.” Colton was especially worried his contestants were on the show for reasons other than to fall in love with him.

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